Brand Next Door: JORD Watches

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I named this place The Brand Next Door because that's what we all are, or are trying to be, now. Life's become all about our "personal brand" and thinking about how we present ourselves to the world. If we let it get to us, it becomes a curated, externally-focused life. Sometimes that can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be awesome. Mostly it's about being aware of the way the world is working and deciding how you want to play in it.

The name is also a bit of a double entendre because while we're all out there singing our own praises and saying "Look at me! Look at me!" there's also a huge opportunity to highlight real people and real brands doing absolutely great work. If you were to ask me what I fundamentally want The Brand Next Door to be, that would be it: a little place on the internet that spotlights brands and their stories, especially the local ones doing big things.

That's where JORD comes in. The company reached out to me asking if Raz might want to try one of their beautiful wood watches. The timing was perfect: it was his birthday month. He picked this one: the Dover series Olive and Acacia with exposed gears. They even fitted it perfectly to his wrist--he just used their online sizing guide and they sent it already sized, along with the extra material if we wanted it. Amazing customer service!

We weren't expecting the watch to arrive in such gorgeous packaging, but we were super-impressed when it did.

The box even comes with a little micro-fiber rag and cleaning stick for the thing. Super primo stuff. Even the fancy watches I've gotten in the past haven't come with so many helpful goodies.

As you can see, the watch works perfectly with our Northwest flannel and jeans vibe. Raz is really picky about most things, including wrist-wear, and he's very excited to start rocking this timepiece on the reg.

Even Prima thinks he looks on point.

She loves being right in the thick of things, especially for photo shoots. Here she is taking a break from checking herself out.
Another thing I love is JORD is a US company, based in Missouri and paying painstaking attention to detail. The company's super cool watches are hand-crafted from raw material, which just speaks to my soul.


If you're looking for the perfect watch that's a little lot bit cooler than what we're seeing at the big department stores, be sure to check out JORD. They have watches for men and women, so anyone in your life who's looking to step up the accessory game will be happy.

Also, if you're reading this between April 5th and 7th, head over to my Instagram for a really exciting contest with JORD. It's easy to enter and gives everyone a prize just for playing! (Think $100 toward a watch for the winner and $25 just for entering. Shop early, though, because your code will expire on June 30.)

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This post is in partnership with JORD. However, all opinions (and photos!) are my own.


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