Living La Vida in Lake Powell

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Every year, George and his family spend two weeks in Lake Powell. I'd heard of this lake before, but had never been. This year, after hearing a lot of stories about how fun it is from my mom (and my grandparents!), Raz and I signed ourselves up.

The culture in Lake Powell is all about houseboats. People own them, rent them, live on them. They set them free at one of the main marinas and then cruise over to a little cove of their choosing and tie up. Usually they'll tow a few Sea-Doos and a speed boat. Sometimes one or both of those smaller guys goes ahead, picks a spot, and reports back to the house boat. That was the case for us.

We got all our groceries ahead of time based on a big excel sheet managed by George's daughter-in-law (and my step-sister-in-law, I guess? We like to just go with sister-in-law and such because it's easier. Blended family labels, man. Complicated.).

This is glamping at its finest. Two fridges, lots of toys, AC, a big TV. Views for days. One night we watched the stars--the brightest I've ever seen. Another we watched a lightning storm. I seriously felt like I was living on another planet. A planet without cell service and full of family.

We also partied. The beers and wine were flowing. The SIL got me my dream water throne for my birthday and I spent a few days just floating and chatting and bonding and loving life. It wasn't as hot as it usually is there, so the weather was perfectly pleasant, allowing for optimal all-day lounging.

I did walk away with some impressive burn lines that faded into a wonky little tan, but, hey, I'll take it. I got way too into my book and didn't spray myself as often as I should have. Spray sunscreen is defeatest anyway. No matter what, you will streak and you will burn, unless there is someone following you around with the can at all times. And no one wants that. I'm just saying I understand that I was set up to fail and am accepting the consequences of drinking while reading in the sun with a sub-par sun protection product sprayed on my very white, sensitive skin.

SO ANYWAY, here are some photos from our time on the boat on a lake that is the absolute opposite of any lake I've ever been to. But I really liked it, and I'm so glad I've gotten the opportunity to see some of the most epic places in the West.

How cute are two-year-old pigtails? THE CUTEST. 
Raz loved mobbing around on these. 
Took a little trek to Rainbow Bridge, which is like 150 million years old and has a dinosaur print under it. No joke.

Our cove. 

Taking it all in, man. 
Views from the caves.
A note: Raz got me Lightroom for my birthday and I've been playing around with it. If you're good at photo editing, please don't judge too hard as I continue to learn and revise. However, if you have great tips, please let me know! 

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