Take Us to The Tulips

Monday, April 11, 2016

I'd been seeing a lot about the tulips on Facebook and such the past few years, and figured it was time I see them myself. I don't have any special feelings toward tulips, but it felt like an experience, so Raz and I ventured up to the Skagit Tulip Festival yesterday. I do like that tulips and daffodils are the first signals of spring. Happy, blooming feelings full of new beginnings.

It appeared everyone had the same idea we did, which resulted in something that should have taken about two hours taking nearly five.

But! They were pretty.

And we took lots of photos of them. 

As did everyone else. 

Raz is such a good sport!

Then I sat in the dirt to get closer to the tulips and Raz could not get over it. He was glad my sweater covered my "dirty butt." City kids :). 

They had some cool varieties like really feathery tulips and really fluffy ones that look almost like peonies. I was into those. 

So fluffy!
It was hugely touristy and full of children, who were nearly infinity times better behaved than their parents were, but it was an adventure nonetheless. We hit a brewery on the way back, and then the Lulu outlet up north. Since I wear mostly work out clothes now, it was a very exciting addition to our journey. We concluded our day at a delicious Asian fusion restaurant in Burlington—I'd go back for that place alone. 

And that's it, that's all. Here's my new fb profile pic because that's what we were all after anyway, right?
In my defense, I didn't go into this looking for a new profile pic. Sometimes profile pics just find you.
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