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Friday, April 1, 2016

I am a believer in hiring professionals—for hair, nails, relationships, photos, cleaning...these are all things I can probably do myself, but not nearly at the level they can. I also consider the opportunity cost of it all. I can do my own nails, yes, but it'll take time away from other things, and it'll cause a lot of frustration because I always get that one nail that keeps getting gross and bunged up. It's just not worth it to me. Also, I'm a grown ass woman and if I want to spend my money on getting my nails did I'll spend my money on getting my nails did (RT!).

So when we moved into our house and had this big front room that I couldn't quite figure out how to fill, and HATED walking into and seeing our old slip-covered couches every day, I werrrrrked on Raz until he agreed to consult professionals with me.

We got such a good response to my first post about our house (thank you!) that I wanted to make sure I waited until we got profesh photos back to share them with you.

White Space Design in Seattle worked on this whole project with us. I'm hoping they'll do our kitchen nook next. They're currently working with my mom on a HUGE project in SoCal I'm going to go supervise in a few weeks (mostly just to keep her in line, which is a feat on its own, and very exhausting—wish me luck!).

Brava to the two incredible women who took my random Pinterest board and non-negotiable existing items and ran with them, who convinced Raz how worth it it is to invest in professional help, who totally understood my need for all things to be cat and baby-proof, and who helped me make our house into a real, adult home.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom for many of the sources of our furniture and details and trimmings. Much of it is sold out, but the sites will suggest similar items. Or, you can just hire WS and have all the fun we did!

Way better than planning our wedding tbh...shhh.

So posh rn

All photos courtesy of Cleary Photo

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