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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For at least two months, I had this crazy sinus cold that would not go away. One week it was so bad that I felt like my face was exploding. I stayed home one day and when I went into work the next, I got two comments as soon as I walked in:

"You look like you've been crying for four days."

"You look like your face hurts."


Advil Cold & Sinus helped a little, but it never went away, this weird sinus cold thing. I thought a little harder and then I wondered, could it be? Could I have ALLERGIES? 

The cold had started in January and I'd Googled the Seattle air allergens index at one point to rule out allergies (Dr. Google had assured me they were low), so I started spiraling into that dark maybe I have cancer place many rational humans find themselves in from time to time.

Then I took a leap and asked Facebook what I should do. Trying Claratin was the consensus, and what do you know? I've been mostly cured for weeks now. Today was the first day I forget to take my drugs and felt like I didn't need them. I might take a pill for good measure, but I'm feeling like maybe since the tulips are drying up and the gorgeous apple blossom tree in our driveway has lost its fluff, the pollen that had been bothering my nostrils might be dissipating. Or the bees are now eating all of it? WHATEVER THE CASE, it feels nice to breathe again.

Here are some pretty pics of spring blooms. I may have to take Claratin for the rest of my life to look at them without sneezing, but that feels like a small price to pay.

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