Destin-ation, Florida

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I always wanted to go on family vacations. We've always had Chelan, and I would occasionally tag along to my parents' work conferences if they were in cool places, but we didn't plan annual adventures away. It just wasn't how we prioritized.

Shortly after my mom started dating George, she began talking about his family and their big biannual vacations. George and his four siblings would agree on a destination and the kids and grandkids would come if they could. This year, Raz and I joined in.

The sibs had decided on Destin, FL. We didn't know much about it, but it sounded like a tropical vacay and we were in big need of one of those, so it could have been Yakima for all we cared and we would have had a great time. 

And you know what? I was right all along! Family vacations are just as fun as I always imagined they would be. I'm about to make sure I have many more of them.

Raz's new woman, Payton
Hurricane season makes for some epic sunsets 
My beautiful, fierce momma

One thing worth addressing, and why I think it's taken me a while to write this post, is the tropical elephant. My dad is gone. My mom has moved forward. We all have, but we haven't forgotten, and we never will. George's family adopted us so immediately and completely, it was hard to resist them. And you know what? I realized pretty quickly I didn't want to. 

It's a fallacy to believe a person can ever have "enough" family. Sure, sometimes (often) it can be a lot to manage. I've had experiences that have proven how completely invaluable as much family as you can get is. I don't hate it.

There will always be another side of me, and a part that will be sad. But I believe that whatever you believe in - God, the Universe, Allah, my dad as our guardian angel, whatever - is trying to fill some of my little soul potholes. S/he/it is doing a pretty good job.

My one piece is sold out, but if you want the two piece, there are still a few here and here 

Aside from caddying for Raz on the golf course (got an outfit for it and everything!) and learning what "the turn" is, Crab Island was my favorite part of the trip. White sands, clear water, lots of floats and beers. It was THE BEST. 

How fabulous are we? 

Our next big adventure will be my first time to Cabo this November. We're taking some time just the two of us, and two sets of friends decided to join in because they just couldn't miss out on the fun. 

There will be a lot of mini travels before and after, but Destin ranks high on the list of great family getaways. And to think we've only just begun. 

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