Book Club—Dirty Rush

Friday, August 21, 2015

Raz and I are heading to see SHANIA VIP STATUS in San Diego this weekend, so I thought it was time to talk about one of my favorite reads of the summer - NAY! The year! I read quite a few books at the beginning of the summer and I'll write about a few more later. 

If you like my sunglasses, they're cheap and from Target. The Red Card is dangerous and incredible, guys
But for now, if you want a quick, really good, juicy beach read, Dirty Rush is EVERYTHING. If you liked White Girl Problems, or think you would based on the title (which really explains it all), this book is for you. I cannot recommend it more highly.

And it doesn't have to be just for sorority girls, even though they/we all get it on a totally intense level.

Outtakes! This is what still life photo shoots look like when you have two cats. 

Anything we MUST see or do while we're in SD? We have quite a few ideas and are staying in the Gaslamp. Thinking burritos and bike rides.

Also, it cannot be ignored that Sunday is my dad's three year deathiversary. It's hard to believe it's here, but it is. Last year we were in Hawaii for it. We didn't think about it when we booked the trip and our whole time there was so, so special.

Shania was my dad's favorite. It's amazing how all these things work out. I cannot wait to report back.

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