A Birthday in BC

Monday, July 20, 2015

For the past few years now, my mom and George have toured around the Canadian islands most of the summer. One year they went all the way to Alaska. This year, she wanted Raz and me to meet them in Canada for her birthday. Not only can she not be tamed, Carlo cannot be denied, so Raz and I reluctantly agreed to go off the grid with her.

After a very anxiety-ridden travel adventure up to the Great North, we made it to a rickety old dock and boarded our home for the next four days. By the end of it, we'd caught 18 crabs (11 keepers), fought off horseflies, spent each night in a different cove, kayaked, fished, baked a birthday cake in a microwave, read a full book and, most importantly, survived each other.

Aside from her birthday presents and all the random deliveries they needed that we had to smuggle across international borders, I had to give up only my new mascara ("Whitney, I won't get to a Nordstrom in I don't even know how long! Pleeeeaaaaseee?"). I'd call that a successful little getaway.

Just taking selfies in the mirrored floor.
Waving goodbye was hard. Whenever I'm away from her now my soul aches.

Something that could be a function of my dad situation, or maybe getting older, or maybe thoroughly enjoying our adult relationship, or...all of the above, is that soul ache. I feel more connected to her than ever before. I love her so much, my heart swells and breaks before we hug goodbye. She is infuriating and amazing and I absolutely cannot live without her.

And, in true Carlo fashion, she's already booked our tickets back for next year. Guess we don't have a choice :).

P.S. If you're into these things like I am, Yolanda and David Foster spent this past weekend in the Canadian islands as well. It's like they want to be us or something. It's also big kudos to my mom and George's taste because Yolanda is hashtagging her instagrams with things like #Heaven and #FavoritePlace. Yolanda's been everywhere. Yolanda knows.

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