Zella Warrior

Thursday, June 11, 2015

When I started at Nordstrom two years ago, I discovered Zella, its in-house athletic brand. During the time I was there, the team expanded the brand a ton, and I bought more than I want to admit. A few months ago, I snagged my latest pair of pants and I've been wearing them non-stop, especially when I want to look like I'm more athletic than I am.

The funny thing is, I looked around my barre class two nights ago and counted at least half a dozen of us wearing Zella pants (their sports bras are amaze, too). I wondered if it was a Seattle thing, like our own little secret, but I'm pretty sure anywhere with a Nordstrom has a ton of chicks wearing Zella to barre class. The long and short of it is: Zella is the high-quality, awesome little sister to Lulu, for half the price.

Getting that top knot on point. Was this taken after a workout? I'll never telllll.
If you've been reading for a while, you also know I have a thing for Spiritual Gangster. I'm gonna get hipster about the brand for a minute and mention I liked it when it was only on its own site and in yoga studios. I'm now seeing it at Nordstrom, Urban and Shopbop, which is great. It means other people love it as much as I do. I got this sweatshirt during a Shopbop 25% off sale because I was hounding at my local yoga studio it and it spoke to me, especially for 25% off. For so many reasons, I've been reassuring myself that I'm a warrior lately. I can't resist most things graphic, especially when they're about strength and/or outright narcissism. It's like when I wear my XL Kinect "You Are The Controller" t-shirt on the couch with my wine and petting my cats while watching Bravo when I've had a hard day...or a onesie when I've had a hard day in the winter.

I hope you're feeling the warrior vibes lately. Even if you need a little nudge to believe it, this is the outfit for you. Quippy, comfy, and begging the question: "Did those yoga pants go to yoga?" 

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