A Weekend Adrift

Friday, May 29, 2015

I asked Raz a few months before his birthday where he'd want to go if he could go anywhere. Kind of out of nowhere he said he'd want to go to Long Beach. So, I set to planning, and I found the most amazing place to take us. I booked it and waited and teased him and didn't even reveal the secret until the week of even though I wanted to.

Our weekend at Adrift was the most fun we'd had in a while. I'd been traveling a bunch for work and we were due for some quality time together. We ate, we walked along the beach, we rode cruiser bikes, we got inspired by the super PNW decor and we watched Practical Magic and I cried. In my defense, I had this weird premonition that I really wanted to watch Practical Magic while we were there...then we arrived and it was in the free DVD shelf - LIKE HOW. Fated. It was filmed in the San Juans, so I guess I just felt it. Even though it was Raz's birthday, he indulged me and let me have my moment.

So, without further ado, a few photos I took during our best good time at Adriift - if you're looking for an amaze weekend getaway and live in either Portland or Seattle, this is THE place. And! They're expanding with a new hotel in Seaside, OR. I MUST GO. Ashore Hotel opens in July.

Also, check their site for great deals like clam digging kits, great wine specials, s'mores sets, etc. They'll totally work with you and customize for any special occasion, too.

Obsessed with this photo. Driving on the beach is like a thing, I guess. Into it, but need to find a Jeep to do donuts. 


Their restaurant, Pickled Fish, is very #eatlocal and absolutely delicious. Raz and I posted up in the window and stayed the whole length of happy hour and into dinner. Live music every weekend, the most amazing breakfast buffet I've been to outside of one in Munich I still drool-dream about, annnnd Buzzfeed says these are one of the 23 plates of fries you need to eat before you die, so...need I say more?

I don't often go back - but this is one I already can't wait to plan to see again. 

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