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Friday, May 15, 2015

Since I met Raz, it's been a dream of ours to own a home. In October, we made that a reality. I remember sitting on a plane on the way back from the East Coast waiting for Raz to IM me if we'd gotten it (it's Seattle, so naturally we had a bidding war). Our broker had promised a decision by noon. It was 3 p.m. PT. I kept re-paying for WiFi and was so tired and drained, I finally just told him I wouldn't buy any more. I would find out when I landed.

When I toggled my phone off airplane mode, a text pinged in. "BRO. WE WON. WE HAVE A HOUSE."

I couldn't believe it...except I could. I lingered when the owner came over to finish a few projects. I wrote a letter. I made sure we upped our escalation. I hustled. I was thirsty for this house. Through a sly combination of stalking and luck, we've been home for about six months now.

It's time for the beginning of a tour. No judgement, please - furnishing a house takes a lot of time and a whole lot of skrillllllll.

Got this mirror at an amazing little shop in Snohomish. If you haven't been there and like decor, GO. It wasn't cheap, but it was exactly what I'd been looking for, which is often very difficult to find. Some people call that "high maintenance." I prefer "excellent taste."

The huge photo of us was the guest book at our wedding.

The cochon mug is from Papa. He has a thing for pigs. It's my favorite.

Small things like sharing morning coffee have become so special. We have great light in the house, which is really important in a place like Seattle.

Place mats are important. My mom taught me that. Don't know what he's saying to me, but clearly it's half funny. 

THE COUCH I WROTE TO MY DAD ABOUT. Come sit on it! Promise we won't PDA. Too much. I LOVE HIM, OKAY.

We repurposed my great grandmother's buffet and made it into a bar. I'm sure she'd appreciate that, haha. We have a long way to go to get the house where I want it to be, aesthetically. But the benefit is the bones are good and my job is mostly figuring out paint colors and gallery walls. In the meantime, if this isn't enough for you, I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time on Snapchat, where you'll be able to see more windows into our burgeoning world. It involves a lot of meowing, but I think it's pretty funny - just add whitpopa to your friends list. 

So, who's ready for a drink?

Happy Friday!

Big thanks to Alyssa for indulging me and coming over to take these photos. 

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