Divine Intervention

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Every once in a while, I have a day that doesn't seem humanly possible. That day happened earlier this week. I wrote about it on Facebook.

The day before, we were lucky enough to get to have lunch with my mom. As we were sitting in the sun on a SoCal deck overlooking the ocean, she did one of her mom things where she was like "Whitney, I just have to take a moment." She talked about how far we've come, how crazy it is that our lives are what they are and that she truly believes my dad is watching and helping us navigate all of it. I believe it, but I don't always see it manifest itself so hugely.

It's a crazy sense of peace that sometimes washes over you as everything keeps taking care of itself. Before you ask a question, someone offers something above and beyond your expectations. I'd never really experienced it before we lost my dad. I guess this is the best trade off we can get. If it's my only option, I'll take it.

And here are the flowers that started it all.

Wishing you a restful weekend - I'll be working on a special project and trying to get over a cold that can only come from being in three time zones in one week. 

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