New Beginnings

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's been raining in Seattle the way people assume it does all the time. It's a little gloomy, but it's also pretty cozy. Life is about to get crazy again with a lot of travel on the horizon. In the meantime, we've been nesting. And when we haven't been nesting (or exploring ClassPass), Raz and I stood by my mom's side as she stepped into a whole new life. 

About a month ago now, the force otherwise known as Carlovilla hot hitched. She is extraordinarily happy, and we are happy for her. We really like the new arm of our family that has reached out and let us hold on to it. 

Has it been easy? No. Do I have mixed emotions? Yes. I had a very validating conversation with one of my friends this past weekend who said, "It's weird, isn't it? When your parents get remarried?" "Weird" is probably the most rudimentary and best way to describe it. Weird. 

Other words that come to mind? Whirlwind. Exciting. Pride. Sorrow. Anxiety. Xanax. Wine.

Dress: Tibi via Nordstrom Rack
Photos: Tana Photography
We have come so far in the past few years. I learned a long time ago how powerful love is, in all its forms. How vital, raw and rich it is. The struggle is worth it, and so is the bittersweetness, especially to see my mom in her purest and finest form. 

I can't say I'm going to be spending much time here over the next few months. I can say I'll be here as inspiration hits. In the meantime, I hope your soul is rich and your loves are endless. 

Test Driving ClassPass

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's safe to say I can be described as very indoorsy. I don't like to be too cold, I don't like to be too hot. I especially don't like to be cold and hot at the same time (like wearing a coat and sweating during a snowball fight with your cousins). These requirements make it difficult for me to understand why laying on the couch with my cats isn't the most satisfying use of my time.

But, I have been trying to figure out how to get some form of exercise into my life for a few years now. I've tried gyms and studios and classes and I've found that the best things for me are classes I can walk to (or easily get to with ample parking, a rarity in Seattle) that charge a fee for not coming. I also like to go on walks in general, and with Total Wine within walking distance of my new house, that's become an expensive hobby.

I used to go to a few different yoga and Pilates studios near our apartment in Queen Anne, and I'd get small packages of classes when I could, not wanting to invest $100+ in sweating. Not to mention the outfits I would need to look cute struggling next to the obviously toned and wealthy chicks on either side of me.

So when ClassPass came to me and offered both a free month (full disclosure) and access to tons of different studios in Seattle, I said "Okay, let me get through my mom's wedding and a big event at work and I'm yours." More to come on the wedding.

And here I am.

I'm back. And I'm ready to embarrass myself at studios around Seattle (and maybe even one in Boston) for the next month.

Image courtesy of ClassPass
It's now been a few months since we've moved, so I need to figure out my new fitness routine. It's gotten to the point where my body legitimately wants to move more and I feel strong urges - that I suppress - to get up in meetings and do jumping jacks. That's not healthy.

And doing yoga in our living room with a little grey kitten fixated and bap bap bapping your screen isn't very helpful either.

Image courtesy of ClassPass
Follow along with me as I whine, complain and *glisten* around town. $79/month. Unlimited classes. No place more than three times. I'm not in it to make friends, anyway. I'll be tweeting, and may even throw in an Instagram or two. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and really enjoy a few of the things I try. If you have studios in Seattle you love, I'll add them to my list!


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