Book Club - Not That Kind of Girl

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lena Dunham is my spirit animal in a way that makes me feel much saner than I think I really am. Her particular brand of crazy is raw and hilarious. It's endearing and comforting. It's like my big, fluffy nap blanket that makes me feel less alone while I doze through other people's drama on Bravo.

Not That Kind of Girl is Lena in her purest, most meandering and brilliant form.

Melanie lent it to me and I devoured it like I tend to do with any size of smoothie - surprising myself with a brain freeze and an empty Styrofoam cup on the car ride home. Feeling full, and wanting more.

It would make a great Christmas gift for any slightly tortured, somewhat high maintenance, brilliant women in your life.

Remember, I don't write much about books because I want people to make their own opinions. No spoilers will come from me. But know I'm a snob about what I read, and when I recommend something, I really, really like it. We may not always have the same tastes, but if you think I'd like something you've devoured like a $7 smoothie, please let me know!

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