A Day at Disney

Friday, December 19, 2014

When I was eight, my grandma made the mistake of bringing me to Disneyland with her friend and her friend's granddaughter. I'm not sure why either of us agreed to this adventure, but I can hasten a guess as to why my parents did. I've never denied I can be a lot to handle.

Needless to say, we had a terrible time. She still talks about it. I'm sorry I was a bad bumper car driver, grandma. I hope we can move forward.

I'd been to Disney when I was three with my parents, but I don't remember that visit. I just find my iconic Minnie Mouse doll and her pink mobile closet full of clothes in the occasional storage unit and tell my mom it can't move in with me but she also isn't allowed to donate it. 

Two decades later, my mom's fiancĂ©, George, decided his ideal birthday gift would be a day at Disney with all his kids and grand kids. Since George's three-year-old grandson, Walker, and I are in platonic love, I was completely on board. 

It was Raz's first time at Disney, and I'm confident he's trying to play it cool when he says it was just okay, because as we all know, Disney is a lot of things, but "just okay" certainly isn't one of them. We hit up California Adventure, too, and if you get the chance, take a ride on Soaring Over California. That park was being built the last time I was at Disney, so I'd never Soared before, and I can tell you it's very worth it. 

What follows is a photo diary of our day at the park. Hope it helps you remember it's kind of fun to do the impossible.

Note: It's a Small World After All is a hundred times more amazing than ever during the holidays. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, especially if you can go through it with your mom wearing sequin mouse ears and singing all the songs while your husband wonders what he's doing with his life.

Happy Holidays, everyone! My wish for you is tight hugs with everyone you love and all the pie you can handle.


  1. That pacifier and those Disney balloons - so cute!

    1. The baby with the binky is Payton, George's granddaughter. I love the "Mute Button" idea, haha. Thanks, CWoomie!


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