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Thursday, November 20, 2014

There are so many times in my life I have wondered if things were real. And I'm not talking Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. I'm talking moments, places, experiences. Good and bad. Thrilling and irritating. Manhattan Beach is essentially my new mystical Easter Bunny. Can something so magical and absolutely mind bending be real?

Last weekend, I met my sorority BFFLs in this fantastic little beach town for one of our annual girls' weekends. While my BFF complained that she "hates LA," I strong-armed her into visiting this perfect section of the coast by telling her it was cheap for her to fly down (she lives in San Francisco) and that driving her former employer's rented mini van to pick up her former coworkers from company events downtown LA does not a well-rounded LA experience make.

It worked.

I've been to LA a few times - I wrote about one of those times on this little slice of the Internet. Like a lot of mini Washingtonians and Idahoans, I thought I would grow up to be a California girl. I've since changed my mind, but given the easy flight and access to Vitamin D, I hasten to turn down any opportunity to wear flip flops unironically.

You may have seen me complaining on Twitter about the completely offensive cold front we had last week in Seattle. So when Friday arrived and I knew I was headed to balmier climes, I could barely maintain the necessary focus to get through my day. 

And when my moment in Manhattan beach finally arrived, it was sweet indeed. Time with my BFFLs and my momma, cute beach shops, ocean, CREAMWICHES (cookie ice cream sandwiches) and sun coupled with overall slow, easy living did me riiiiight. 

I'm not saying I'm packing up our new house and snow birding down south, but I sure am tempted. Did I mention they love brunch there? I'd really like to know how people get any work done in that kind of sun.

I also told Raz that when the time comes, Manhattan Beach would be the perfect spot for a babymoon. ;)

Herewith, a small photo journal of my new paramour, Manhattan Beach. For more, follow @whitpopa on Instagram, because we all know I'm going to get Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder right quick and will need to post some emo #tbts in a valiant effort to get over myself.

P.S. There aren't many hotels in the area, so I highly recommend airbnb. We had a great experience and I already have a wish list full of beach houses for next time.

Some potential discussion questions:
-Is life in Manhattan Beach real?
-Where do these people get Christmas trees?
-How is the beach so deserted at night?
-How do they keep it so clean?
-Which one of the beach house owners who clearly isn't living there full time wants to let me squat in exchange for watering their plants and occasionally dusting? Seriously, though.

What's next on your weekend getaway list? I can't help myself when it comes to fun little vacays, especially when sun is involved. 

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