I Choose Jimmy Choos

Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's still hard to believe my dad's been gone more than two years now. We just did another raucous Thanksgiving with the fam. This time Raz's parents joined my big clan over the mountains. It was great fun, as it tends to be. We watched my uncle shout at the TV while the Seahawks stomped the 49ers on their home field. We cheered as my cousin's almost-two-year-old daughter chewed on a turkey leg. We recreated a classic photo. 

In waves, I missed my dad, but in more of a dull, aching way instead of a sharp one. My big, crazy family does that. They make it hard to sit and sulk, to feel sorry for myself in any way. I love them for that. They don't even know they're doing it. 

And, sitting at the adult table, right next to my mom, was her now fiance, George. It didn't feel weird, or really that sad even. He honors my dad - brought him a wreath before dinner. Dusts the snow from his grave. He's Papa's new obsession. He talks apps and techy things with Raz. He knows he'll never be a replacement and he doesn't try to be. He'll do.

He waited until Raz and I were about to leave for our honeymoon five months ago now to propose to my mom. I picked their wedding date. 

And, one day, when Melanie and I went to the downtown Seattle Nordstrom Rack to shop for content, I found these. 

80% off. $150 from $795. No joke. They are my first pair of Jimmy Choos. (If my math is wrong, remember I majored in English.)

They probably won't last all night. They're for a very special occasion - my mom's second beginning. One she very much deserves.

Just last week, I found her some similar Badgley Mischkas. $69 from $175. When I texted her a photo of them and asked "You want?," she wrote back "Grab. Thank u."

Today's the last day of the Nordstrom Rack Black Friday weekend event - an extra 30% off all red-tag clearance. My Jimmies were on clearance. Just goes to show, the more you go, the more you find. As a girl I went to college with once said after returning from an unplanned overnight rendezvous with a former fling, "Could be good, could be baaaaad."

Rack merchandise has taken me through every big life event - weddings, funerals, interviews, parties. My mom's second wedding will be no exception.

Hope your holiday was wonderful!


  1. Good thoughts, beautiful shoes! I like the turkey leg reference lol we had a good time :)

  2. Marlow the carnivore! Thanks for the comment ;)

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and the whole family :) Sounds like a great holiday! I love those shoes <3

    1. Happy belated to you, too! The shoes love their new home ;)


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