Forty Hours in Philly

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I was lucky enough to support the opening of the first Nordstrom Rack in Philadelphia. I'd never been to Philly and had heard great things, so I was really looking forward to the trip. Although I didn't get to the Liberty Bell like my grandparents told me I had to, the city of Brotherly Love did not disappoint.

Let's just call the Liberty Bell and the Rocky Steps and Philly cheese steaks my glass slippers to get me to come back this summer when Raz and I have a week between two east coast weddings. Reason enough, right?

We're in the middle of moving so, for now, a photo diary of my short time in Center City. If you're ever in Philly, it's an amazingly cute area full of brick, old school charm, shoppingggg and a whole lot of history I really need to expl*9ore9 <-- Harrison James wrote that.

Happy Style Hunting, Philly!
Such cool lighting on the street. 
Nordstrom Rack + historical building, yes. 
The cutest little restaurant a block from the store. Called Dandelion. Good, British-inspired food, too. 

I really need to try this place. Who's had it? Should I?
Really, really cool art installments and murals around the city. 
Yelp and Instagram told me this place was good. I didn't get to it, but it was PACKED, so it's on my list for next time.
I meannn, I try to avoid gut bombs while traveling, but I was tempted. Raz had a cheese steak in Seattle in my honor. It counts.
Churches! History!

The new Nordstrom Rack is at 1700 Chestnut St. Check it out if you get the chance! 

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