City Next Door - Greenville, SC

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So, it's not exactly next door to me, but it is next door to other places. And on Friday, we opened a brand new Nordstrom Rack in between Costco and Cabela's (Raz's dream come true!) - in Greenville, SC.

I was lucky enough to be on the ground supporting the opening and had some time to explore one morning. Herewith, my photo diary of my first time to South Carolina.

One of the founders of the area - this city LOVES its statues. If I ever brought my grandparents here, I'd have a hard time dragging them away from all the "hysterical" (my fam's word for "Historical" since Grandma and Papa can't get enough of them) sites.
A beautiful Baptist Church is just par for the course.
This city loved its bikes, its meat and its ice cream. My kind of place! They even had a beef jerky outlet - NO JOKE. Also, how do we not have a bike share in Seattle? I wanna ride around like Leo does in NYC. Not really, but I want the option. #realtalk
See? It really loves its bikes.
More statues. These were the first black students to attend the local high school. So much history here. 
Ice cream. Yes.
Greenville's downtown was surprisingly hopping. I imagine some of that had to do with its Oktoberfest, which kicked off while I was there. No, I did not attend, but I considered it. 
So. Much. Cuteness.
Bahhh, all the details everywhere were beyond photographable. I couldn't get over this little green and white moment. 
Clean, pretty, visitor-friendly city.
This - and the beef jerky outlets - is reason enough to come back. 
A picture is worth at least two words here :). 
BRB gotta look up "Tory." Still cool, though. 
River running through the city. It was so pretty.
At first I was like "Whaaaaa?" And then I got it - Breast Cancer Awareness month, y'all. 
This Army & Navy Store screams classic Americana. I loved it so much, I instagrammed it.
Another view of the little river and its dam full of geese.

Greenville was such a pretty, happy little city. Whenever I travel somewhere new I think about how different our lives could be based solely on where we choose to live. What a gift seeing this world is, and ohhhh how much more of it I want to see. 

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