4 House Things I Need Right NOW (And One I Already Have)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Raz and I signed the papers for our house last night (!!!!!!!!!!!) and while he is looking at ladders and moving pads, I'm in FULL FURNITURE SHOPPING mode. I've started opening my morning flash sale emails instead of sighing and deleting them all. I'm going NUTS on Pinterest. I'm a furnishing, visualizing machine.

I have yet to make a purchase.

I can't just buy things without getting in tune with the place first. Feeling its vibes. Beating my family and their hand-me-downs away (Carolvilla is VERY aggressive when it comes to offloading "heirlooms"). Editing down the few things I do allow through our doors. Raz and I are planning for it all. And it will be good.

For now, a taste of my (our?) wish list. Much more to come.

What would life be without faux furry little stool/ottomans
I'm going back and forth on my chandis. I will have at least two traditional ones, and something like this in the dining room. 
CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT FOR THIS BED? We'll probs have to be more DIY. Champagne dreams, man. 
Obsessing over beautiful, "simple but significant" shower curtains. This one has an amazing, subtle subway tile design. 
And I already have this, so at least there's some progress happening. Welcome home :).
Owning a home is such a big deal to us. We (mostly I) can't wait to kick my slip-covered couches to the curb and make some adult purchases. I'm going to have a garden, people. WE JUST INHERITED A ROOMBA. We named him Alejandro because having only female Roombas is sexist. Raz said I can get Prima a brother after Thanksgiving! I'm going to be deliciously, disgustingly boring. I can't wait.

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