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Thursday, September 4, 2014

For our wedding, I wanted to make sure we included an element that would live long past the one day that gave me a persistent eye twitch as I was planning it.

After my GBF said Raz and I looked like a white Jay-Z and Beyonce in our engagement photos, I was inspired by this blog post to get a sketch commissioned that we could use across all our wedding papers and beyond.

Our fave booty-tooching engagement photo.

I emailed Kelli, the writer of the aforementioned blog post, to ask for a connection to the artist of her sketch. She offered something even better - her now fiance who is an artist in the Bay Area. Just a few emails led to the perfect cartoon version of Raz and Whit. 
How cute are we?!

And I used it everywhere. I used the original engagement image for our save the dates and the sketch for our invitations. I had it blown up and put in a HUGE frame I got from a sample sale for $10 one of my first weeks at Nordstrom. We used it as our guest book. 
Hopefully we'll get to hang this in our married house. Actively house hunting now. Pray for us!
 I also used it on programs. IT. WAS. EVERY. WHERE.


In all important events, I try to think of the ways we can make them live on. The sketch and all its uses not only gave me a wedding motif, but it also gave me some fun leave-behinds I'll have forever. True, personal art that will always remind us of one of the most special and foundational moments of our lives.

And that is invaluable. 
Sketch: Timothy Lamb
Photos: Andria Lindquist

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