Raz Golfs, Whitney Cooks - Fennel, Shallot and Orange Salad

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've told myself I should probably stop rewarding Raz for leaving all day and spending money on golf, but you know what? I like it. He plays with his friends all day and I get time to do whatever I want. Not that I don't get that opportunity when he's around, but you know what I mean.

The grey/mist/rain is making its fall return with a vengeance and the grill has been retired to its little corner of the balcony. You know what that means - "Watching Raz Cook" is coming back! But this time, since he was golfing and I got home from Grandma and Papa's loaded up on oodles of produce, I took the reins. No one under my feet. No one asking questions. Just produce and freedom.

I found the recipe I'm sharing in the latest Sunset magazine. It's from a famous chef in SF. Since Raz had been on an orange kick of late (we were sniffly last week and stocked up on Vitamin C), I thought it sounded like a great option.

Herewith, a zippy little side I served with tilapia and a Bookwalter Winery Couplet 2013 Chardonnay/Viognier blend. Oh, and Snoqualmie ice cream for dessert, of course.

Fennel, Shallot and Orange Salad
Adapted from Sunset Magazine
Serves 4 -6 (but really 2 when you're Raz and Whitney) / 30 minutes

3 medium fennel bulbs with stalks and fronds
1 medium shallot
2 large oranges
1 lemon
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp each salt and red chile flakes

1. Trim fronds and stalks from fennel bulbs, setting aside several small fronds for garnish. Cut bulbs in half lengthwise, cut out core, and slice very thinly lengthwise on a handheld slicer (or just cut with a knife like I did). Slice shallot very thinly (you should have about 1/4 cup), and put both in a large salad bowl.
2. Trim peel from oranges (or peel and then slice the white stuff off like I did). Working over the bowl to catch juices, cut oranges into thirds straight down through top of fruit; then cut crosswise into thick pieces and let fall into bowl.
3. Cut lemon in half crosswise. Set a strainer over same bowl to catch seeds and, twisting with a fork into each lemon half, juice them into bowl (Honestly, I just used our lemon squeezer thingy - so much easier).
4. Add oil, salt and chile flakes to bowl and toss salad gently but thoroughly. Taste and add more salt and chile if you like. Toss again and top with fennel fronds.

And, voila! If you ever want to feed someone after they've spent all day golfing, this is an easy, zesty option. Not that I'm encouraging that life, but, hey, it works for us.


  1. Mmmm this looks delish! Will definitely give it a go :)

    1. Really good, Brittanie! I read recently that oranges are in season through December and fennel is in season year-round, so plenty of time to make this happen.


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