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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When I was little, I got to hear a lot about my dad's time at the University of Oregon going to grad school. He talked about a lot of things, including that Steve Prefontaine got his start on the Oregon track. And Steve Prefontaine was one of the first people to really rep Nike. So my dad loved Nike, too. That's really how connections were made and allegiances were built in our house. It made sense to us.

So, when I met Raz and he was obsessed with Nike, a part of me thought "Here we gooooo..." and another part of me thought about Steve, Oregon and my dad, and smiled. In the nearly four years of our relationship, I have amassed an entire Nike workout/lounging wardrobe. It's actually really amazing. Raz will stop at the outlets on the way home from visiting his parents in Oregon and come in like Santa with bags and bags of new things for me. Christmas on Queen Anne, er'body! I swear, if he could get Prima something Nike she wouldn't murder and bury in her water dish, he would.

I know. It's really not real life. I'm disgustingly, amazingly lucky.

And for my birthday this year, Raz got me one of Nike's latest toys - a Nike+ Fuelband. It's been a little over a month now and I'm slowly working through my obsession with it. I set my daily goal (2,200 - a combination of steps taken and calories burned + Nike technology to decide what "fuel" means) 200 higher than the "average" 26-29-year-old, because obvi I'm not average.

On the nights I don't go on a walk or to the gym, I may or may not have to run in place while I'm brushing my teeth at 11 p.m. to hit my goal, but it's worth it. Wearing my Fuelband keeps me thinking of ways to be more active during the day, and seeing that I'm ahead of other chicks like me gets me all puffy like a rooster who knows he's king of the coop. I track my progress on the Nike+ app and hate myself if I don't maintain my streak (which often happens when I'm sitting on planes all day).

I totally recommend the Fuelband and will be rocking it until I wear it out completely, just like I did with my Lady and the Tramp VHS back in the day. It lends itself well to a black and gold arm party. And we all know black is always the new black.

The little FUEL scrolling across looks like a robot lives in my bracelet. Definitely feeling that. 
Shoes: Nike Free TR Connect 2 via Nordstrom

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