Those After-Work Walks

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One of the biggest priorities in our house is hitting my Nike+ Fuel score every day. I'll write more about the band Raz got me for my birthday in a forthcoming post, but its whole gamification thing is really doing it for me. When we got it all set up, Nike told me most people my age, height and weight set their Fuel goal at 2,000. Since I need to set the curve, I set mine at 2,200 and have been in a competition against myself for the past week.

It got to the point that on Friday I had about 100 Fuel points to go until hitting my goal. It was around 10 p.m., we were at my grandparents' and Raz was exhausted. My grandparents' "workout room" is exploding with equipment, so the elliptical from my parents' old house is currently in the hall. I woke Raz from his (not even REM!) nap and told him I had to hit my goal or I would lose my streak! He suggested the elliptical. "Good idea!" I said, bounding onto it and aggressively watching my points go up. "That thing is TOO loud!" he shouted from my mom's childhood bedroom, full of stuffed animals and plush blue carpet. "Go run outside!"

"Rude," I shot back. "This was your idea!" My grandma was walking by and she loves Raz more than she loves me (it's an issue), so she asked what we were bickering about and told me to be nice. I reminded her we are married now so she can totally love me more again and kept ellipticalling away. He could complain all he wanted. I needed to earn my Fuel points and was catching up on Twitter.

Usually, though, when we're not driving over the mountains, Raz and I go on nightly walks around our neighborhood during which I make him literally stop and smell the roses with me.

See? Aren't these roses phemon? That shade of lavender, thoooo. 
We chat about our days, our life/career/wardrobe/feline-rearing/vacation goals. We look at houses. We dream. We ogle little outdoor seating areas people have created for gatherings and/or sunset-watching.

I could handle some morning coffee out here.
Sometimes I even get us to leave our phones at home! I love our walks because they force us to check in with each other and look at all the pretty things around us. They take us past dozens of Little Free Libraries. We watch the seasons change in a very up close and personal way. What were rhododendron bushes earlier this spring have been replaced with incredible hydrangeas.

Like, look at this lushness.
Plus, I get to maintain my Fuel score streak without getting on the elliptical in my grandparents' hall. Although, that will likely happen again.

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