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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Raz was gone for a week spending time with his family who flew in from Romania for our wedding, so Prima and I were on our own (#girlsweek!). One night after work, on a quest for food, I took myself to Assembly Hall, Tom Douglas' latest venture in the Via6 apartment building. Not only does this place house an awesome Asian restaurant (TanakaSan) but it also has a little market (Home Remedy) to buy fancy organic foodstuffs.

But this post isn't about that. When I had finished eating my little salad bar items from Home Remedy inside Assembly Hall and was about to leave, I saw two guys walk in with big canvas bags that said Munchery on them. 

Since I'm a sucker for anything new and tastemaking, I wanted that bag and whatever was in it. I remembered seeing a Facebook ad the day before for this Munchery place and decided then to investigate it further. 

What I found was really awesome. Decently-priced meals, sides, desserts (and even kids meals!) prepared by local chefs from new and old big-name spots like Portage Bay Cafe, Brasa, Microsoft and MOMA. The company also offers a one for one promise to give back - for every meal you purchase, they give one away. Plus, the portions are HUGE (and trust me, at their prices I did not think my meal would be so big). All organic, biodegradable packaging, etc. I was in heaven.

So on that Friday, before I had to catch the bus to join Raz in Portland (I know - very not-fab, but sometimes I have to sacrifice for love, savings and sharing a car), I ordered my first meal and BOY WAS IT WORTH IT. Did I mention the menu rotates every day so it's always fresh? You can order a day or so in advance and pick what time you want it delivered. Ballin.

I got a fantastic glazed salmon with chow mein. Honestly, I scarfed it before I had to run out to my not-at-all-fab bus experience so there was no time for pics. And I paid about $3 for it because of the aforementioned Facebook promotion where you use the code SEATTLENOW to get up to the price of a main dish off your bill.

THEN! Because I was a new customer and they were excited to be in Seattle, my BEAUTIFUL CANVAS BAG LIKE THE ONE I SAW AT ASSEMBLY HALL was filled with my meal, a handwritten welcome note, free stickers, a branded oven mitt (!!!!!!!!!) and A! COOKIE! I practiced some self-restraint and saved the cookie to stress eat while the obnoxious women in front of me tried to bogart my outlets and stream a three hour movie from my bus ride's spotty wifi, but that's neither here nor there.

What matters is Munchery also has an app. And that's going to save my life any time Raz isn't home to cook for me.

So check it out, give it a spin and know, for the next ten weeks, all meals are under $10. That is ridiculously fab and I will definitely be indulging. I could go on and on (obviously), so let's just leave it at Munchery is delicious, takes amazing care of its customers and they may just give you a free cookie to stress eat on public transportation. It doesn't get better than that.

All photos courtesy of the Munchery Facebook Page

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