Brand Next Door - Anchorhead Cold Brew

Friday, August 1, 2014

As I'm sitting at my desk wearing my birthday crown and drinking my morning coffee (it's my birthday!), it only makes sense I'd write a little about coffee. I'll leave it to Carol to tell you more about my birthday. I get to relive that story every year.

I've been hearing a lot about cold brew. It's pretty hard to escape living in Seattle. The night we landed after our honeymoon, Raz's entire Romanian family surprised us at the airport. We took his cousin off their hands for the weekend and walked ourselves to my favorite place - the Queen Anne Farmer's Market. We hadn't slept, we'd been flying for hours and I was actively resisting how crabby I wanted to be. Go ahead and call me a trooper. Totally worth it, though, because I'm pretty sure I had more fun being 12 for a weekend than either of the boys closer to 12 I spent it with. Space Needle, garlic fries, baseball, Molly Moon's. It was AWESOME.

We walked into the market and saw a booth near the front entrance with an anchor and sign about coffee. I was already in. Enter: Anchorhead Coffee After speaking with the co-founders a bit, it was decided that I'd bring home a four pack to try. I drank two before photographing them.

Anchor + America. I'm in.
The founders were right - these individual bottles are so good on their own, you don't need to add any sweetener, any cream, ANYTHING. You can be really cool and Seattle by drinking it black. And it's perfect for hot summer days when you don't want to be drinking warm liquids.

America caps. If you were my uncle in college, you would have flipped these onto your popcorn ceiling along with a bunch of Budweiser caps. My grandparents deny their children were such party animals, but I know better.
The coffee itself isn't made with anything extra, bad for you or special. It's just good old organic, fair trade coffee and purified water.

Bottled happiness.
If you want to try some for yourself, they're in a bunch of stores (Whole Foods, PCC, local farmers' markets, etc.) and rapidly expanding. Click here for more.

And enjoy something delicious for my birthday, will ya?


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