The McMansions of Nassau County

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I was in Long Island for work last week and decided to explore my surroundings a bit. I've mentioned before it can be hard to be away from home, so while I travel I try to make the most of my time by taking myself on little adventures/getting lost and having to figure out how to get back to my hotel before my phone dies. It's a little anxiety-ridden game I play with myself. 

Even though Long Island isn't far from NYC, boy is it different! Architecturally and big-tree-wise, it's much more established than the west coast is (obvi), but when I was walking around I felt like I was back on Queen Anne just moseying down the middle of the street oohing and ahhhing over the houses. There were a few ladies in visors who looked at me sideways before saying hi, but that's fine. I was a space invader in a neon tshirt and yoga pants taking pics of their crazy houses and wiping my sweatstache. I'll own it. I have a special vengeance against subdivisions, so anything with history and - as they say on House Hunters, "character" - really gets me. 

What's even cuter is Nassau County (the richest county in New York, natch), is sprinkled with TONS of villages. Villages! LIKE IN EUROPE. Herewith, my favorite houses from the Villages of Kensington and Great Neck Estates. Ain't no Craftsmen (Craftsmans?) in these here parts!

It's like I walked into Hansel and Gretel's hood.

So Resto Hardware right nah. 

Love that Cape Cod. Makes me think of so many SJP and/or Ben Stiller movies with no real reason.

Brb, gotta get my horse to tie up here while I go in for dinner. WHAT. 

It Takes Two, anyone? Just me? K.

Dead Poets Society on its own block? Had to try to scale someone else's fence to get the width of this place in the pic, which wasn't easy, especially because said fence had spikes on the top. 

Nassau County also gave me my first Dunkin Donuts experience. My mind was racing through all sorts of movies these houses reminded me of, so I was def the girl in the neon tshirt snapping pics and knowingly giggling to herself. HOWEVER, while I was, let's call "exotic" sight, there is a huge dearth of homelessness in Nassau County, so I'm confident I didn't scare too many people, especially because most weren't home. I know this because they all had dry cleaning hanging from their front doors. 

Until next time, Long Island!

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