Kittens and Dirt

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The older I get, the more country I'm becoming. I love, love, love Seattle, but when I'm in the middle of nowhere, I feel free. Completely at home. Ready to get down and dirty...okay, maybe not dirty, but I could maybe get down and watch the grasshoppers. Because grasshoppers = summer. I am also totally open to watching other people get dirty while I sit in the shade and swirl a chilled, dry wine. I've grown up a lot since I dug caterpillars out of the mud in my backyard. I choose to own it.

Since I started this little space on the Internets six months ago (and even before that - forever, basically), I've been obsessed with taking pics in the wide open spaces of Eastern Washington. Raz and I take a lot of road trips over the mountains and I find crazy romance in the rolling wheat fields and working farmsteads of my childhood. We don't often pull over - we like to get where we're going - but I've started to make us stop and breathe it all in. These are the places of true, unobstructed beauty. They make me revel.

I should probably also note that our AC is busted, so we were sweaty little piglets whose swass needed a breather. Pulling over was necessary.

Recently grew a Kim K. booty. Don't know where that came from. Gotta love those roads to nowhere.
Don't mind my sunburn.
It's quite possible this feeling has a lot to do with my dad and my commitment to #YOLO, but it's also highly likely that age and stage in life have something to do with it. In just over two weeks, I will be married (!!!). In a few years, I plan to have at least one baby on my hip with - hopefully - Raz's nose. My nose is fine, I just like his better. 

I digress. 

Those huge, sweeping sprinklers get me every time.
The point is I'm thinking a lot about the life I'm creating and how much dirt it's going to involve. And kittens. My childhood was all about dirt and kittens. Between my parents and grandparents, it was spent half in the city and half in the country. I'd sit in a lawn chair in our backyard shelling pees with my mom. I'd run across hay bales with my cousins. I'd walk to the post office and retrieve my grandparents' mail, getting stopped there and back by people who didn't technically know me, but who knew I looked just like "Carol Ann." Then we'd have to have a conversation about it. Then I'd go to the general store and charge candy to my grandparents' account and not tell them. Ahhh, the beauty of a roaming, boundless childhood where I rode my bike everywhere and devoured YA novel after YA novel. 

I don't think I could live without happy hour and busyness, but I also couldn't live without the ability to look at dirt and pet kittens. The struggle. I do think it's possible to have both and I know I'll find a way to achieve it. In the meantime, I'm going to start pulling over more for fields and do a crazy amount of respectful trespassing. 


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