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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I don't know about you, but I can spend hours and hours scrolling through the time suck that is Pinterest. Sometimes life gets too busy to do anything requiring brain power. So! I've compiled my favorite pins from the past week to help you think less and dream more. Because life is all about lazy, gluttonous inspiration, right? Right.

My aunt made this salsa for Raz's and my joint family wedding shower. Apparently the Albertson's in Wenatchee makes authentic Mexican tortilla chips, too. WE WERE IN HEAVEN. Probably ate the whole batch between the two of us. What wedding diet? Source.
Last week, Snoqualmie spoiled me with an ice cream social team at the office. Then they posted this recipe. Obvi I had to pin it. Also, once you go Caffe Vita, you don't go back. Their Cafe Luna is my morning lifeblood. Source.
Who wouldn't want a grown up fort with a fluffy (hopefully cuddly - unlike Princess Prima Suprima) pussy cat? Trick question. NO ONE COULD DENY THIS. Source.
Aside from paying someone to do my nails and hair and find makeup for me, reading in bed is one of my big luxuries. On the few days I actually get to do it, I take full advantage, spreading all the things I'm currently reading across my duvet and creepy sniffing/smiling at each. Source.
Try to tell me this piglet + ice cream cone didn't make you smize. Source.
One of my many life goals is to have a cozy fireplace with wood storage nearby. Another is a full size wine fridge with pouring spouts, but that's more of a long term goal. I can pack wood into a wall and own that I have an automatic fire place far before. Maybe I should dream bigger...hmmmm. Source.
Not to be completely white girl crazy or anything, but my hormones are telling me I need to prep a baby board. Maybe even con Raz into having a pint-sized Popa of our own. Clearly, that means I think about outfits and room decor ahead of things like affording them or having a place for them to live. Source.
Swirled Summer Sangria. Do I really need to speak for it? I don't think so. Source.

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