Brand Next Door: Queen Anne Farmer's Market

Friday, May 23, 2014

Seattle has a special gift with farmer's markets. After all, we've run the most famous, independent and actually shopped by locals farmer's market in the world since 1907. So it should come as no surprise that many of the neighborhoods in the greater Seattle area host their own each week in the summer - some (Ballard and Fremont are two favorites) year-round just like Pike Place. Each is unique - some specialize in crafters and psychics while others focus purely on produce. All include food trucks. Basically, any market you visit is a win.

And, from June through October, there is one literally (and trust me, I use that word only in the most necessary cases) steps from my apartment. On many a Thursday, you will find me getting off the bus (I know - working on getting less ghetto fab, but when parking's $13/day, you need to save that skrill for shopping), dropping my work bag on the bed, patting Prima's butt, turning to Raz and asking "Are you ready?" From there, we grab our cash - keep in mind most vendors don't accept cards, #oldschoolbutawesome - and charge right down the block to the Queen Anne Farmer's Market. Aside from all its obvious neighborhoody benes, how could I ever resist a weekly outdoor event that makes its own rose? ITS OWN ROSE. It's like they knew I was coming.

Let's all buy it and discuss it like we would a bookclub book. Only substitute "Latest episode of [any iteration of] Housewives" for the book. Caveat: I love books - I just don't love to discuss them.

The Queen Anne Farmer's Market takes up only about a block of what we call the main drag of Queen Anne hill. It contains its musicians and food trucks in a little parking lot across from the middle school and its vendors along a spurt of Garfield Avenue. Raz and I typically take $20 total (or $20 each if it was just payday, #realtalk) and see what we can get. I spend a lot of time ooohing and aaahing over big beets and HUGE blueberries while I'm sure he congratulates himself for locking down such a cheap date. There's just something about things you know came right out of the ground of the person standing in front of you that makes you want to support them. Especially because I moonlight as a champion Walla Walla sweet onion grower myself. Don't believe me? Just ask the North Central Washington District Fair Gods. They'll tell you.

My burgeoning green thumb aside, I'm really excited that the QAFM is coming back into my life in just TWO WEEKS. Check it.
Looking at this crowd makes me anxious. I don't know what they're watching, but I'm usually Matrix-ing through the queue and getting my veggie on. Don't let them scare you. It's actually a very pleasant experience.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention another amazing aspect of my fave farmer's market - Raz took me to it on the NIGHT WE GOT ENGAGED. 
Raz gets me. Don't mind my chins.

Not that our engagement sways me at all because I totally loved QAFM before, but because of that night - and the night we'll celebrate with our closest people on June 28, our little market will always hold a special place for me. If you live in the area, are planning to visit me, or visit Seattle in general, give it a look. It'll give you an insider's view on what it means to live on QA - just don't move here and steal all our houses. Raz and I will be on the market someday and we don't need more competition than we already have. Just sayin.'


  1. I've never done the Queen Anne market, but Ballard and Fremont are my favorites too!

    1. Definitely try it! It's really cozy, easy to navigate :)


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