Sweating for the Wedding at Seattle's First City Sweat Lodge

Monday, April 14, 2014

You may know this, but my friends and I are really into Bravo. On one of our fave Housewives spinoffs, Vanderpump Rules, we watched Stassi try one of those new wellness trends LA always seems to get - sweat boxing. Basically, this infrared sauna treatment involves sitting under an X-Ray blanket for an hour and sweating out those three extra pounds we all always want to lose. And I have more than that I want to get gone before the wedding.

"I really want to lose three pounds." -Regina
"OMG, what are you talking about?" -Karen
"You're so skinny!" -Gretchen

It's also supposed to detoxify, release toxins, help with insomnia, quell stress, and so on. Plus, Dr. Oz and Oprah are into it, so obviously I am, too. Oprah and Lisa are my queens.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at work, exchanging wedding dramz with my friend Kat via Skype. We complained about how we couldn't stick to a wedding diet, but we weren't too concerned with getting totally bodied for our big days. These boys know what they're getting, amirite? Anyway, a few days later, she texted me saying, "There's a Groupon for a new sweat lodge place in Seattle! We should get it!" Without hesitation, I searched for it in my app and purchased the set of three sweats (super dangerous they have that one-click purchasing, btw) because:

  1. Any attempt at easy weight loss (aside from pills and actual crash diets) is fine by me
  2. Groupon makes it semi-justifiable
  3. It would get me closer to my beloved Housewives - like if I ever ran into them at Sur, we would have one more thing to talk about
Little did I know how amazing it would be. Just yesterday, Kat and I drove over to Madison Park and had our first sweat. We walked into the cutest little shop that just opened about a month and a half ago, aptly named City Sweats.

If you love the bar sign, they have it at Target right now. Those big bottles of water are given to each customer to have while they indulge in their service.

After filling out our "intake" forms, we were brought back to our shared room. It was kind of like a couple's massage, only on these really nice hospital beds with personal TVs and no touching. We each had a pretty basket to store all our big things and a cute little knitted accessory holder. 
The cute little knit accessory holder thingy. I put my water and cell in the bottom pockets. Took the remote and headphones out while I watched all my wedding videos.

I stored my stuff while Kat got wrapped up. When it was my turn, I settled into my little infrared cocoon, grabbed the remote out of its knit pocket and quickly figured out my personal Roku. As true couples do, Kat and I started on the same video so we could watch together.  
They give you socks to wear if you didn't bring any, which I didn't. Here I am ready to be wrapped!
Watching one of about half a dozen Moetic wedding videos on the Roku from my sweat bed. 
I don't sweat that easily, but about halfway in, I sure was hot. You're supposed to be fully clothed while you sweat, so my long pants and sleeves definitely accelerated the process. By the time our 45 minutes were up and we were both pretty misty from watching several wedding videos, Kat and I were VERY ready to be unwrapped and get our AMAZINGLY FREEZING LAVENDER-INFUSED WASHCLOTHS. That was definitely the most exciting part. The washcloths. It was like coming in from throwing snowballs at my cousins when we were little and washing my hands under the warm water at my grandma's kitchen sink. Lingering while every nerve ending fired. Like that. Only the opposite.

After sitting with our washcloths on our faces for a few minutes, we went to a room where you sit and have a cup of tea before leaving. Before heading out, we got a cold little bowl of blueberries from the front desk hostess. They were plump and juicy - the perfect ending to an almost spa day.

And, you know, I haven't weighed myself or anything, but I do feel lighter. I do feel detoxed and rejuvenated. We have two sweats to go and were told you sweat more readily every time, so I'll have to see if that's the case for me. Regardless, only cozy, hot goodness can come out of this. I'll definitely be back after our Groupon. Maybe even get a membership.

Check out more info and services on the City Sweats website.
Also, look for special deals and discounts on their Facebook page.

Did you do anything crazy to prepare for your wedding? Any secrets to share? I have 74 days to go and some major hotness to achieve. 


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