Spring in Queen Anne

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There was about a week and a half span when the sun was out every day and Raz and I were able to take long, pretty walks around our neighborhood. I love seeing things in bloom, although I don't have much recollection of ever being excited about spring. I mean, it's fine, but summer and fall are my jams. I live for my birthday month and Indian summers. Halloween costumes. The pop-up school supplies aisles EVERYWHERE. My heart just started palpitating. I can't even.

Spring always meant rain in my world. Lots and lots of rain. And wind. And sun, but Carol still yelling at me as I ran out the door in the morning to grab a jacket. It's the time of year that comes shortly after daylight saving's where we're all looking at that weird orb in the sky at 4:30 p.m. all bleary eyed like "Don't you have somewhere else to be?" Especially in Seattle, man. We don't really do sun. We go on vacation to find it and expect it when we're away, but not at home. We like our grey flat light and moody drizz.

Nevertheless, I'm into this spring. It feels like a real reset for me. Tulips are bubbling up out of little mud patches. Prima got her first tour of the balcony and now has a desperate sense of freedom. This God-forsaken wedding is starting to be more fun (Parties! Friends! Invitations! CRAFTS.).

And, also, color saturation. Lots of it.

I've always been obsessed with ivy. Grandma and Papa have it climbing their house. It's amaze.
The family that Car2Gos together stays together. Or just lives in Seattle. Whatevs.
Monkey bird bath. How? Why? Beautiful. 
Blooms and blue skies. This pic was a given.
We're smiling at each other here.
My dad called these "Slaabs." I still think that every time I see one and chuckle to myself. 
There were so many middle-aged men waxing their vintage sports cars this day. It was pretty ridiculous amazing.
Raz's favorite sign ever. At least they broke up the phrase with a picture of an over-zealous Tin Tin on a weird skateboard-Razor scooter. "Slow Children at Play," everyone! I love grammar funnies. 

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