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Thursday, March 13, 2014

By the time I became an adult, my dad was getting really good at giving me gifts. Like, that thoughtful stuff you don't always think guys have in them. I would mention things casually and then they would show up under the tree at Christmas or next to my ice cream cake during my birthday month. 

It's true that the older you get, the fewer things you want. When we went to Montana for my childhood friend Gina's wedding a few years ago, we took ourselves on a little walking tour of the main drag in Bozeman and popped into several cute vintage cowboy boutiques. Since I'm half country girl, I do tend to gravitate toward denim and boots, but I'm not quite on the Brighton train yet (my mom is, though - take heed). It was a few weeks before my birthday, so I was on the hunt for something to kick off - pun intended - my birthday month.

Then these boots appeared.  

Sorry for my sock lines. It was freezing, so had to throw on the Cabela's thermal socks my dad got me, too.
Apparently they were used, but they looked mint to me. I tried them on with my romper and a cowgirl hat and started calling myself CowWhit. And in that store, while my mom and I were elbowing each other away from the things we both wanted but refused to share, my dad asked me if I wanted the boots as an early birthday present. "Yes," I breathed. "Please!" Thank God my mom and I aren't the same shoe size.

They didn't fit in my suitcase on the way home, so you can bet your ass I strutted through SEA-TAC upon landing owning it. After 25 years with me, my dad was neither fazed nor embarrassed. He accepted me just as I am. And I'm sure we was thinking Damn right, I better be getting my money's worth. I don't want to start any rumors here, but I may or may not have a very short attention span when it comes to hobbies/certain clothing items/sports...

HOWEVER, I wear these boots all the time. Not only because when I wear them I think of him, but because they're authentic and beautiful and made for playing in fields full of wheat. They're the last really cool material present I remember my dad giving me, and for that reason alone, they will never be retired.

Similar boots from Nordstrom
Photos: April from Ribbon and Lace Photography


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