Soft Pants are a Trick

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The thing about soft pants is they look good, but leave room for food babies. I feel like I'm walking around in classy sweats all day when I wear them and often feel like it's my duty to balance them out with heels so I don't forget I'm not at home and suddenly spread out in my cubicle chair after lunch like I'm watching Housewives on the couch at home. Can't let that happen!

Anywayyy, they're also really versatile if you get them in a neutral color like the ones I'm wearing here. Add some different textures and you're a walking slice of fierce.

I whip my hair. Don't mind my dino claw.

Cool kid in class (which I never actually was, BTW).
I wear these Tom Fords on the daily.
All clothing via Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, aside from the anchor necklace, which was a gift from Raz. 

Photos: April from Ribbon and Lace Photography


  1. So simple but elegant. Your lipstick is so pretty! What color/brand is it?


    1. Thanks, Jen! It's "Lickable" by MAC, which feels really weird to write, but I do really enjoy the color :)


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