Friday, March 21, 2014

We realized the other day that Raz had never been to Gas Works Park. I hadn't been in years, either, even though we have multiple view points right by our apartment where we look at it. Oh, and 10 Things I Hate About You, hellllllo. That paint ball fight? Amirite? Why can't we recreate that? Where do you even find those beef steak tomato-sized rainbow-colored paint balls? #deepthoughtsbywhitney.

So, on a random Sunday, we went. I had a major moment right when we walked in telling Raz about the aforementioned big paintball 10 Things fight/date and he had no idea what I was talking about. I have some educating to do and, luckily, a whole lifetime to do it. HE HASN'T SEEN MEAN GIRLS EITHER. WHO IS HE?

White girl dramz aside, our windy adventure follows. We'll be back when it's warmer.
Guy trying to parachute off the hill. He didn't get that far and I really didn't understand his point, but you go, boy.
#Cold, but getting a nice windblown look going.
Unicorn band aid on my finger. Someone tried to grab her flat rat out of my hand with her claws out. We're raising a hunter. Also, there was a really weird couple doing engagement photos I was probably judging watching.
Seattle, man. Always so much beauty.
Fab + tagged wall. Yezzir.
I wanted to match the colored pipes and was testing out my new mirrored aviators that are all the rage ($30 at the Rack!)
What did we just walk into? LARPing, that's what!
I think these LARPers look like Seattle's version of Power Rangers. No?
Raz Snapchatting the LARPers. Gotta love him.
Gas Works is a cool spot. It, our downtown tourist spots and the entirety of Capitol Hill are what Seattle movie dreams are made of. What I love is these places are all legit spaces we Seattleites frequent. As Anthony Bourdain said, "Seattle was Brooklyn before Brooklyn was Brooklyn." We'll always be pretentiously local.

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