The Vintage Twin and My Amaze Fam

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I found The Vintage Twin through We Wore What. They have clutch vintage finds and items they restore in house, like the jean jacket I'm wearing here. I'm a sucker for anything one of a kind, so I nabbed this for $68 as soon as I saw it. If you're into either Ninja Turtles or 'Merica + denim (who isn't?), The Vintage Twin also has you covered. I have to admit, I keep going back to those two jackets and almost purchasing, but I figure I should get some wear out of this guy first. I have a lot of opportunities to wear it this spring and summer, especially since it's so versatile.

Some other items I love from The Vintage Twin (it all comes straight from Brooklyn wrapped really prettily, and with a nice note):
I also love a good jumpsuit/romper situation, although they do make bathroom trips awkward. I'm used to it because I love onesies so much, but it's still a little annoying, especially when it's cold. Worth it for the most part, though.

I'm also really, really obsessed with this grey scarf my cousin made me. She just taught herself how to knit and churned out a bunch of these. I'm lucky enough to have requested one early and, as you can see, the loops are nice and big, which makes it even cozier.

I'm hoping spring is on its way, but until then, I'm good to cuddle up with all my outerwear. You can never have too much.

Jacket: Levi's via The Vintage Twin [similar]
Jumpsuit: Like Mynded [similar]
Scarf: c/o my cousin Chandler [she's starting an Etsy shop soon!]
Sunglasses: Coach [similar]
Shoes: TOMS
Photos: April from Ribbon and Lace Photography

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