Stealing from My Momma (Thanks, Carol!)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Real talk: I may be 27 years old, but I still go into my mom's jewelry box/makeup bag and do werk. I try to do it when she's not in the room, but usually get caught. The thing is, she knows it's probably going to happen, so she can't really get mad. It's the price you pay for putting your daughter in kiddie beauty pageants and trying to make her model for The Bon (remember The Bon?) when she was three.

BTdubs, so obsessed with this dress. It's mod and animal print and outta control. I've worn it to work a few times and I can go with a black blaze or pop of color, which I did here with the coat. I get tons of compliments every time I wear the coat, too. Blondes: If you don't know already, people love you in royal blue.

Also, the SHOES. Another had to have. You can't see that well here, but they're really glitzy. Sparkle every time the sun hits them. This goes back to stealing from my mom - we become more like our parents the older we get and the older I am, the more I steal from her. My (our?) style veers from crazy casual (*cough* grey crewnecks) straight to borderline gaudy with no shame in between. Life's more fun when you create room to play, anyway, right?

Don't mind my goosebumps - it was so cold! Being fab is hard work.

The ring I'm wearing here was made by my grandfather (Papa) out of dental gold. It's a love knot - my grandma, mom and I all have them and I treasure it. It's probably what got me on the gold train in the first place.

Dress: Longchamp via Nordstrom Rack
Coat: Trina Turk via Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Tory Birch via Nordstrom [similar]
Tights (fleece lined!): Hue via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: House of Harlow via Gilt
Gold pave bracelet: Nadri via Carol
Gold ball bracelet: Madewell [gift from my bff, CWoo]
Photos: April from Ribbon and Lace Photography
Makeup: Shyla from MAC


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