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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mmmkay, so one of my BFFs requested I write about "how to dress yourself when you're 28 and have two kids." I'm neither of those things, but I'm close. Mostly to 28, but you know what I mean.

I think it's all about proportion, especially for work. Tight skirt, blousy (blousey?) top and vice versa. The closer I get to 30 (*shudder*), the higher my necklines and the lower my hems. I actually thought I could never pull off a tube/pencil skirt, but when I saw this one, I took the plunge. I love that it's a subtle, but profesh statement.

Also, let's be real. Feet aren't made for staying in heels all day, so the key is to pack an extra pair of flats, which I don't always accomplish and regret by about 2 p.m. every time I commit to pumps. One day, I will throw flats in my extra lunch bag and keep them under my desk for emergencies. Or just pop over to Nordstrom and get another pair of these.

The tote that fits everything is also a must. It may strain my arms, but it's giving me baby biceps, so I'm calling it a wash.

What are your tips for dressing your age?

Sweater: Zara [old, similar]
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack [similar]
Shoes: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack [similar]
Bag: Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack [similar]

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