Brand Next Door: Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Friday, February 21, 2014

So, if you know me, you know I have a thing for ice cream. It was one of the many vices my dad and I shared and I actually really struggled when I went to college because not only did we get just one scoop after dinner, we got one scoop of LEMON SORBET. The. Worst.

My life was pretty much ruined nine months of the year those four years I was away, but I knew I could always come home and have my token GooGoo Cluster with my dad (Skinny Cows with my mom - sub par, but sometimes acceptable), or take my sorority sisters on a roof-open, heater on adventure to Baskin Robbins for some Gold Medal Ribbon. BOGO scoop nights always had a line out the door I was willing to hold down.

For all of that ice cream drama, it may come as a surprise to you that I'm advocating for non-chocolate-laced ice cream, but man, is this Snoqualmie stuff a delight. I discovered it on sale at one of our local grocery stores a few years back and have had what-dreams-are-made-of experiences with every flavor I've aggressively finished, particularly the custards. Why? Because the custards don't get as hard as regular ice cream so they're always a little half melted just like I like them.

Ask Raz about our home routine and he'll tell you how excruciating it is for me to get my pint and let it sit on a coaster for fifteenish minutes while I wait for it to melt enough that I'm happy to eat it. Our pattern has become - if I'm open to sharing my pint with him - that I'll allow him to start and then stare with my spoon raised once I think he's carving into my time. I'll then dig in to my half-melted, creamy sugar nirvana and bliss out so hard it's almost like the lavender and ohmmmm-laced savasana ending of a good yoga practice (rather than one next to a really sweaty, grunty, poorly deodorized hipster dude who totally ruins my zen).

But back to Snoqualmie - take it from the makers on their approach:
We make our ice cream in small batches so it’s always fresh, and with the highest cream content of any premium ice cream because the perfect ice cream shouldn't contain air. (That’s why we call it a "true pint." More cream, more density, more ounces.) 
It may seem crazy, but frequently we take our mixing machines apart to clean them piece by piece, and we usually score the highest rating possible by the health department.We take care of our employees and the families that work at the cafĂ© and plant as if they were our own, paying for their schooling when we can. 
This is how we work and live. We don’t have to do things this way, but when your passion and commitment is to make the perfect ice cream and the world a better place, it’s the right thing to do.
Herewith, my fave Snoqualamie flavs - they aren't messing around when they call it the Perfect Ice Cream:

I'd love to hear about your favorite ice creams! Mascaras, wines and ice creams are things I'm always willing to try. 

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