Brand Next Door: Cara Loren

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's only fair I shine my first "Brand Next Door" spotlight on the inspiration for this project, my main girl crush, Cara Loren. I discovered her when I was researching the invite list to our Farmington, Utah opening in October. I found Utah had a HUGE blogging scene - everyone there is so fabulous, and so nice. But, Cara - Cara is a triple threat. Not only is she amazing at what she does with her personal style, she can also blog about her son, Hanes' style, as well as her husband, Brody's. She has the ability to hit every category.

I met her when I convinced my team I needed to be in Utah for our Farmington opening and had a legit celeb fan girl moment with her. She has almost 200,000 Instagram followers! How could I not? Cara was very sweet and put up with me as I prattled on about how her hair extensions were on my Christmas list and how amazing I thought she was. I told her then I wanted to work with her for the Rack at some point.

When the opportunity arose, I seized it, and here she is in her first post wearing Rack merchandise - Kate Spade pumps, a Topshop jacket and Ralph Lauren gold hoop earrings. I can't wait to see what else she curates (we have three more posts together for our current project), but, for now, read her full post here and be sure to follow her on Instagram! I'm confident you'll become just as obsessed as I am - in a totally non-stalker way, obviously.

If you'd like your Nordstrom Rack finds featured on our Instagram like Cara's are, be sure to tag your posts #ShopGenius.

All images property of Cara Loren
Tell me - who's your favorite blogger of the moment? I'm always looking for a new obsession.

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