I Wrote a Script!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am so, so thrilled to watch this video. I've been working with my favorite videographers, Shade Tree Films, on some writing projects, and wrote the voice over script for a film where they followed Jay and Varina Patel, a wildlife husband and wife photography team, through Banff National Park. It was a totally different kind of project for me - one that really challenged me - and I can't believe I'm actually hearing a movie man read the script I wrote! 

The video premiered yesterday and is a partnership with Induro Gear - a company whose products both Shade Tree and the Patels use regularly, especially when they're shooting or filming outside on uneven terrain. 

The video is called "Through the Canadian Wilderness with Jay & Varina Patel." Check it out below and get more info on the whole project on the Induro website.

Here's the link if it won't play through here (I've never embedded a video, so bear with me).

Some pics from the shoot, too.
Varina getting the perfect shot.
Jay on a mountain.
An Induro tripod at work.
Drew from Shade Tree getting his film on.
Chad from Shade Tree excited to be in Banff.
Bahhh, jumping up and down inside. Happy Thursday!


  1. This is the sickest. Those pics + the vid... amaze

    1. Thanks, bro! So crazy to finally hear it all together.

  2. Banff looks beautiful! Great script to walk me through the whole vid too!

    1. Thankkkkkksssss. I want to visit, but probably not unless it's summer, haha.


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