Book Club: Adulting

Friday, January 24, 2014

I've been trying for five years now, and I think I'm closer than ever. To becoming a Real Person, that is. So when I saw this book in either Elle Magazine or Marie Claire (can't remember which and Google didn't help me tap that memory) right before the holidays, I immediately bought it for myself and half a dozen of my closest friends. I want us all to be the best, and I thought this book would help us get there.

I will never be good at dusting. Most of the time, I don't go out of my way to clean at all. I should. I don't often cook for myself, but when I do, it's awesome (stay tuned for a blog segment I'll be calling "Watching Raz Cook" with his various recipes and what I drink while he goes all Top Chef). I live a dusty little life in a little apartment with laundry that always needs to be folded and a tiny mammal that depends on me. I finally pay for my own car insurance, but for the most part, I feel like an 17-year-old kid just trying to make it to graduation.

This book proved to me that I'm (mostly) on the right track. I kind of am a Real Person! I have a job, I have semi-mastered professional small talk and I have at least one pair of nice shoes. I may not have the number for poison control saved in my contact list, but I have listed Raz as an emergency contact at the doctor's office.

Kelly, Adulting's very funny author, made me feel pretty good about myself - we're the same age, doing similar things, living in the same area. And even though this book could technically be qualified as self-help, it's so smart that it makes you feel like everything is already your idea. And if it isn't and you start to feel that heat rise up in you like you're in trouble, the next "Step" to becoming an adult restores your ego.

It's all goodness. It's funny. It's full of quirky and completely on-point little drawings just like your favorite kids books. And for all of us approaching thirty more swiftly than we want to admit, it's a must read.

If you have any books on your list you want me to read and review here, let me know! I'm always eager to add to my pile.


  1. Definitely will read while on vacay to make sure I'm on my way to being a "real" adult haha. Most days I feel like I'm just playing house too.


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